"In strength shall this house be established." 

About Us

3 Generations of Craftmanship

The Northeast Corner, established in 2010, is a privately owned business stemming from three generations of skilled craftsmen in floor covering. The Young family started this journey in Gainesville, GA. where Sam Young, Mr. Sam to the elder of Gainesville, passed this skilled trade to his sons, and his sons to their sons, birthing The Northeast Corner, the third generation of excellence, quality, exceeding expectations and a satisfied customer base.

Throughout the history of mankind the laying of the corner stone has been an important event. Traditionally the Northeast corner stone signifies the first stone set in the construction of a masonry foundation. Thus we begin… All other stones are set in reference to this stone, determining the position of the entire building.


Years serving Georgia

At The Northeast Corner

we know that the floor covering serves as the corner stone and canvas to your project and design creating a worthy and well qualified house to be called home. This is why you start where you must begin, The Northeast Corner. 

The Northeast Corner strives to provide the best materials and customer service possible to provide an easy and stress free experience for our valued customers. Check out all the Services we provide, and stop by anytime, Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM to have a look in our showroom.

Our primary goal is to ensure that we have the highest quality customer service. We treat you like family because you are family.
We only carry the best products by the best manufacturers. You'll never have to worry about finding what you need.
We strive to have a simple process of selecting exactly what you're looking for and getting you scheduled for installation.
Our professional installation team does their best to be in-and-out of your home or workplace as quickly as possible. We ensure that the installation is done with excellence and as quickly as possible.


Popular questionS

The time it takes to install any of our products will depend on the size of the project. But we can assure you that it will be estimated for your for free during your measurement process completed by one of our team members.